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About Q Academy: training and development

About Q Academy

Q Academy is a Vancouver Island Technology Training facility. The Academy acts as the first technology-focused learning institution on the Island. Not only that, it provides straight-up industry-driven training programs so that everything you learn is directly applied to the current industry.

All of our teachers at Q Academy are industry professionals with experience and knowledge designed to take your skills to the next level. Whether it be basic beginner computer skills, corporate skill upgrading, or freelancers expanding their knowledge even further, we have the training that is tailored to you!

Why Victoria?

It’s no secret that Victoria’s creative digital sector is booming off the charts, it’s literally blowing up BC’s already impressive tech rep.  We are the secret little gem that is leading Victoria’s up-and-coming technology training facility.

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Welcome to Q Academy

Yes, the creative tech sector is thriving (after all, Victoria alone brought in a whopping $4 billion last year), but let’s face it, the market needs a little refreshing.

The Q Academy team is looking to create a technology ecosystem that ultimately sustains itself.  We want to create a space where tech leaders can pluck out talent to inspire the growth of their brand (and industry) at any given time.

We set ourselves apart from everything you have seen up until now with our unique classroom culture that is actually pretty cool.  Forget your average mundane classroom and envision something much more constructive and innovative.