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When you think about taking training why not take it your way.  There is no need to waste money on stanard out-of-the-box training when you can work with us to maximize your dollars by getting customized training to suit your needs.

We work with you to determine what skills you posses, and what skills you need to succeed at that job interview, or flourish in your current position.

Custom Word, Excel, SharePoint and Project Management classes are within your reach.

Microsoft Excel Skills for Marketers

This training is for marketers who need to be able to analyze the data that they get from all their activities, so that they can continue to refine their processes.  All the marketing campaigns in the world are worthless if their effectiveness can’t be measured.  What can’t be measured, can’t be improved.

This one day class provides marketers with the essential Excel skills needed to do more with their data.

Prerequisites: Participants in this course need to have a basic foundation in Excel. Minimum Excel Level 1 experience.

Skills learned are:
  • Table Formatting
  • Charting
  • Pivot Table Basics
  • Functions
  • Advanced Filiters

Desk Side Custom Training Support

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a Master Microsoft Instructor come to your place of work and work with you to help solve your specific challenges?  That’s what Desk Side Custom Training Support is – awesome!  We will come to, sign Non-disclosure acts if necessary to keep your data safe, and then help you past your project roadblocks.

Imagine how happy you’ll be to open up your spreadsheets and have the help of one of our instructors to guide you as you take your data to new levels of reporting and trending.

Put us to work by getting help with your projects.  You’ll always know where we are, because we’ll be right beside you at your desk.

Collaborating with SharePoint and InfoPath

Let us help you solve your SharePoint and Infopath pitfalls during our three hour session together.  We have provided these services to government, health authorities, small and large businesses alike.  We’ve helped many workers succeed in getting that promotion by having the skills to succeed in their new role.

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