Linux: The key to embedded systems


Linux isn’t just a free operating system, Linux is the most deployed operating system in the world.
Most of those deployments are embedded systems, such as Android, or your home router. Even
large companies such as Cisco have Linux deployed on their BIG routers running IOS XE.
Linux is an open source operating system which has been ported to many processors, and
computing platforms. Linux skills have become essential in the embedded systems job market.

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Course Overview

This course covers the following modules:

  • Introduction to the Shell
  • Standard Interfaces, Prompts, Job Control
  • Permissions, Man Pages
  • Editing files with Nano, using sudo
  • Shell Scripting
  • Package Manager, Networking
  • Package Management, GUI & GPL

Course Content

In this course you will learn the following about Linux Embedded Systems:

  • History of Linux
  • CLI
    • The Shell
  • Shell (part 2)
    • Standard Interfaces of the Shell
    • Prompts
    • Shell job control
  • Shell (part 3)
    • Permissions
    • Changing permissions with chmod
  • Getting more info on commands: using man
  • Editing files in the Terminal
    • Introduction to nano
    • Editing a system file
  • The root user
    • Using sudo
    • Back to editing /etc/group
  • Shell (part 4)
    • The basics: Sh-Bang
    • Variables
    • Pre-defined variables
    • If Statements
    • While Loops
    • Case statements
    • For each loops
    • Functions
  • Package Management
    • Using apt in a terminal
    • Using a GUI package manager: synaptic
  • Networking
    • ip, the Linux replacement for ipconfig
    • Networking basics
    • Linux Firewalls
    • Security
  • Using the GUI
    • Tour of the Desktop
    • Using a GUI editor – Gedit
    • Accessing GUI applications via SSH
    • Using a VNC server
  • A bit more about GPL
    • Some consider GPL a virus
    • Easy if you give it away, however if you are going to sell your software
    • Other licenses


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