School Strike Day Camps




After camp care: 

With the announcement of the strike notice, Q Academy supports CUPE 441 members working in School District 63, however, we know that several parents are struggling with finding options for their children well the strike is on going. So our day camps are now back up and running.

9 am to 3 pm

302-771 Vernon Ave

Extend hours options: 3-4:30 pm 

Minecraft Camps: Extended into week three of Strike Present to November 15, 2019 Monday through Friday

Our MineCraft day camps offer students a fun and educational social atmosphere to hone real-world skills while playing Minecraft. Through cooperative gaming, your kids will engage in team-building exercises that will help in developing their social communication abilities.
With our flex curriculum, those attending will be given a variety of learning options including pixel art, architectural design, geometric shape construction, skin customization, 3D sculpting, Redstone mechanics, and much more. It’s their choice at their pace!

Students attending Minecraft afterschool camps will require their own Minecraft account for the computer. This can be purchased at and will belong to your child for future use.

Intro to Photoshop: Put the funk in your photos: Tuesday, November 5 and Thursday, November 7

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image manipulation and photo editing program. Does you child want to learn how to manipulate photos and graphics? Are they interested in how to remove blemishes, tattoos and airbrush photos? Then this camp is for them.

Students will be shown how to take a photo of a person and manipulate it using masks and filters to add and remove features from faces. Changing hair colours, and enhancing photos is always great fun. Basic Computer skills are necessary (powering on, mouse use, basic desktop navigation etc.) Students can bring their own digital images in a usb drive or have access to their camera or phone to upload pictures with.

Comic Strip Creation November 13 and  November 15

Pow! Wow! Screech! Does your child live and breathe comic books? Do you always find them reading their favorite Comic? Why not allow them to create their very own Comic Strip in our day camp!

They will have loads of fun creating their own comic strip using their  favorites characters.

Using computers, software, cameras, & imagination, kids will have tons of fun in this camp. At the end of the week, campers will be provided with a printed & digital copy of the comic book they created.

Basic computer skills are necessary for this camp. Ages 8+



To enroll 👇
Download the forms and then email them directly to
Phone: 250-590-1493
Day camps:
Extended Hours:
$60.00 per day
$20.00 per day