Innovative Partners

Leanna Rathkelly

Leanna Rathkelly shoots architecture and lifestyle imagery.  She photographs private residences and commercial properties for developers, builders, architects and designers, and creates relaxed personality portraits for business leaders.   Visit her Facebook page at Leanna Rathkelly Photography for updates.

Graphic Workshops

Exceed your expectations

Graphic designers marry visual aesthetics with the text message, to create the maximum impact in your advertising. Images are processed much faster than text, and when combined, will deliver your message quickly and with better results.

Small Business Coaching

Results Driven...

Supporting today’s decision-makers to make tomorrow’s goals a reality through professional analysis.

Microsoft Office and IT Training

Advance the Learning

Our business is to provide the tools for students to foster vital IT and Office skills and encouraging them to put their knowledge to immediate use, thereby keeping clients in tune with advancements in technology and business solutions.


Knowledge to Technology

By applying knowledge of Information Technology and years of expertise in the field, we offer training services which are designed to empower our clients and their businesses.

At Q Academy, we find Partners in innovative companies that excel in their chosen field. Check out some of the inspiring teams we’ve paired with and their areas of expertise.

We focus on targeting employees that are looking to refine their skill set in order to advance their careers. We offer custom training based on your needs.