Small Business Coaching


Turning Passion into Power

Business and Professional Coaching

Providing resource management, education and strategic change implementation to those in the field of health and disability.

Advocating for sustainable political changes and innovative policy analysis.  Articulating values, beliefs and organizational goals in such a way as to forward unity, integrity and stewardship.  Supporting today’s decision-makers to make tomorrow’s goals a reality through professional analysis.

Leadership From Within Your Organization

Customized analysis of your organization and how leadership is working for you. Identifying the gaps for you and your team through insightful evaluation and positioning you for greatness. Results driven assessment and recommendations to make your organization relevant an REAL within your industry.

An Intimate and Immediate Gateway to Your Success

One full day of one on one coaching to provide an intensive and powerful growth experience. A powerful start to your dreams and goals

Connecting You to the Reality You Desire

Presentations built with you in mind. Keynotes to propel you and your team; seminars to inspire growth; and educational opportunities to capture the high-order thinking you want for momentum and innovation.

Individualized Attention, Assessment and Strategy

Consultation that gives you the insight and analysis you need to achieve your goals. Coaching to make your dreams a reality. You are valued – your journey starts here.

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